Friday, May 18, 2012

Sing-a-ling OHNEO!

OHNEO! got a short gig for T@MU's acoustic night. We were really stoked over this :) We made it there just in time for our slot. Would really loved to have pics of us performing, but for some reason it wont be out yet. OH WELLS!
So very grateful for the experience ;'')

It felt amazing, seeing our names up's literally our names! 

The following will be camwhore shots of OHNEO! doing the second thing they do best together.

Surprise An Honest Mistake picture . First time hearing them go acoustic. They put on a good show. So fun to watch :) :)

Stanley trying to be Samson

By the way, outfits:

Red Checkered Shirt - Brands Outlet
Blue School Boy Pants - Brands Outlet
Shoes - Converse

Red Checkered Shirt - Chatuchak, Thailand
High Waist Pencil Skirt - Dressing Paula, Rarablack
White Tank- Times Square
Bag - Summit Subang

We did :
Video Games -Lana del Ray
You & I- Ingrid Michealson
Pumped up kicks/Part of me - Foster the people/Katy Perry

Really.Once i get the's going in...gah...the WAIT D:

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