Saturday, January 07, 2012


it was so odd. in my dream i was about 26?27? my hair was long and all black,but slightly wavy. i was wearing loose boot cut jeans and a plain tank. i wasn't wearing thick framed glasses anymore,but normal wire frames. I met up with a bunch of people in a restaurant, they were surprised that i was in such a hurry. They asked us to have a seat, but i had no time. i passed around the wedding invites, remembering clearly asking them to not tell anyone or talk about it outside this circle. i wouldn't tell them why. Some expressed how disappointed they were in not being asked to help plan for it,and the fact it was exclusive and so hush hush.

i remember feeling bad for letting them down and not letting them be involved with the planning,but i can't remember what my reasons were.

i cannot remember who i was going to marry. and i'm surprised my hair is all black.given the colour it is now.
i have not worn bootcut jeans in forever. what happened to my glasses!

Friday, January 06, 2012

RESOLUSI #323 of 2012

look in the mirror everyday and like what i see. Be it just jeans n tshirt, be it without make up... I WILL BE HAPPY. try to stop judging myself and my flaws. So what if my arms are big and flabby, my thighs touch and i have a slight muffin top. if so many other people can be happy in their own skin, why can't i?

why do i allow what people say about my weight to affect me? they may say i'm fat and flabby , i have bad skin or that i look pregnant, my thighs look huge, why is this pimple so big... I should learn to let it go.

I can do better, but I AM GOOD ENOUGH.