Thursday, October 21, 2010

the aftermath of the whirlwind that you are

in the wake of the loss of memories in words

all that is left
is the scent of your aftermath.

my fingers lead me through the creases, down the sheets, through your hair
my mind stolidly churns out the many running mares
a light bulb, dangling and swaying
casting uncertain shadows on waiting walls

a brief breeze of a temporary laugh
of contented sighs

my secret carousel of emotions
its colours and music only mine to keep

sugar-coated whispers
sweetness meant to fall away
never meant to stay
yet i'm whisked away to the
playground of your words
of skin

of hushed voices
where was my guard when i need it up
oh how i allow my feet to wander down the paths of intrigue and curiousity
and oh how they fail me sometimes.

this is where i wonder
why no one else would do
why i only could have
the wants for you

it makes me ponder
such a rush
and single lip stain
a single touch

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

much i've learnt

Sometimes, it's not about losing.... but it's in the realization that, explaining to a someone who is set in their own ways with no urge of learning and becoming better, is a waste of effort.

they will choose to never understand.
they will choose to defend what they think they know
they will choose to exert faux-intellect.

and i'm learning to save my breath and effort for people who are worth the time.

most of the time, i only say because i care :) and if i stop :) it's quite easy to tell why.

it's not about the's about walking away from the boxing ring gracefully while the "opponent" is busy punching himself in the face :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


i feel i have brought caring to a whole new level : the stupid level

Thursday, October 14, 2010

tip toe into my thoughts

we have been strangers
we were real
we've kissed from across the street
we've spoken in more than words
covered in more than clothes

we've fought nameless battles
you made timeless promises
they sometimes come true
sometimes fall through

they have lingered
longer than they should
these hands
while they sooth

you never seem to fall asleep
you never seem to fall
never with your heart
never in your soul

a coat of wants
no t-shirt of needs
you crash even louder
un-carpeted by greed

the hunger for more
but never something more
the carousel of ecstasy
never stopping on your turn

only you know
you get what you want
only you know reasons for your wants
the reasons you taunt
the reasons you tempt
the reasons you stop mid-hand

I've faltered with my share
I've overdone the care
followed through hesitantly
when wants pour in when it's too late

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

weather or not

where is my ghost?
the one i've followed the most
the one i've cried for
the one who has cried more

every little boy has dreamed
of being a super hero
saving the world
getting the girl

i've dreamed of looking pretty
in a flouncy dress
but i digress
i've turned to books
i just gave you the hook

we've had the dreamers
we've had their dreams
we've seen the nightingales
we've heard them sing

gather your capes
let's meet on the hill
let's free fall into the sky
let them fire at will

let's command the army
to charge, march, attack
save the damsels and the princes
from their dragons and their feasts

so let the blood spill
and it will be alright
for it's the right time
it's the right kind

and it will be the right one
for the right thing
and it will be yours
it will be found.

so you welcome yourself
to the tea party
to the tasks
to the war

so welcome

random things parents say #492

My Dad & I protested when my mom started feeding Poodie, our dog, muffin crumbs.

Mom: What? Even dogs eat crumbs that fall from the master's table!
Me : Fall, ma...fall...
Mom: Then we shall MAKE IT FALL....*continues feeding Poodie with crumbs from her hand*

Dad & I- speechless....
random animal pictures with protesting babies

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sometimes #29393

sometimes God likes to remind us to not get comfortable. and also not to worry. He's got everything under control.we just might not like the bumpy ride.

Friday, October 01, 2010

random #585858

wisdom is....

...... knowing when to shut up...

i think i'm getting the hang of it :)