Monday, April 25, 2011

another dream

and the title of the book was :
Sequel to every story except Calvin and Hobbes.
it was hard cover with a powder blue border and the picture of calvin and hobbes down the front.
i was so short,i had to climb up the shelves to get it.

i was just surrounded by books.everywhere.i wanted everything.

at the mamak,i got conned by a random woman. she made me think she was the waitress,then smiled cheekily as she ate her fried egg. D:
"teh ais?milo ais tak boleh ke?"

Friday, April 15, 2011

take a sad song and turn it around

sometimes i wonder what people consider a bad day. is it when you slip and fall? or get sauce on your white shirt?

i think it's a bad day is when someone you care about gets hurt,you're sick to the point of immobility or in pain.or when you yourself are hurt be it physically or a life threatening point.

i think days where things happen to me are ohkay days.they just become an experience.i'd put it in the 'Experiences' or 'stupid but memorable moments' folder...instead of the 'Bad stuff' one. one may argue that "just because you do that you can't expect everyone else to".... no one starts off pooping butterflies and jelly beans.everyone starts of somewhere. at some point i still fall back into negativity.but i never claimed to preach the positivity gospel.and do the opposite.i'm just saying it's possible with a switch of see certain mishaps as embarrassing yet funny stories.not a moment to whine and claim you life is over (exaggeration included)

but's not's so simple to turn everything down emo lane.

time to start shifting folders and content.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i woke up from my dream within a dream crying so hard i couldn't breathe.