Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Johnnie Walker: Black Circuit 2012- woo

Yeah! Johnnie Walker yo!

SO yeap yeap yeap, managed to get a pass to go. Wasn't quite prepared for it, you know with the theme being gold glam or something along that line.

le pass is le tres cool. su hitams and emases.
There, see the gold see the black. Getting something black wasn't the issue, but it was more like practically everyone there might be in black, easy default. Earlier that day, we were at the Total Image 21st Anni thing, so that was half the day gone, and I was already contemplating and planning to go with whatever was in my closet. What I was thinking was my lace bustier, and maybe just a skirt or jeans. 

BUT.BUT. We managed to drop by Rara Black. Such a lifesaver! What's Rara Black? Don't worry. I reserved an entire post for them. So that's another click altogether. Anyhoos, as I was saying, we dropped by. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, so I just nosed around the racks while Jin tried on a dress she saw on the website. 

Then, Charmaine of Rara Black asked the magic question. And I ended up with :

Ching ching ba-bling

Jin and I decked in RaraBlack :D
photo credit to Jaz Khai

You'll see this all over again in another post but never mind that. Guess what was the magic word. Anyway, outfit settled, all set for the night! It was all the way in Sepang, but we managed to get there, after a few hits and misses with the turnings. Fashionably late people who are not VIP have to walk fashionably far. Let's think of it as a really long cat walk, up two flights of monstrously tiny stairs. Honestly, it really wasn't that bad, but I personally feel  4 inch skinny heels, a knee-length pencil skirt and tiny steps can never be best friends unless you're into that kind of thing. Think Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal'. or just Google images. same difference. I hobbled half way up, then thought " SCREW THIS" and hiked up my skirt. I, hereby, would also like to make a public apology to my shoes for over working them. I is sorries for makes you walks su fars and su march. I is promise to loves yous more.

Moving on.

A gazillion steps (and a bunch of fancy cars) later, was the entrance. which i didn't take any pictures of. yay. 
the entrance "ticket" was a cloth band. which i also didn't take any picture of. more yay. Nehoos, INSIDE!
Cue obligatory pic with fancy background which i don't have. one more yay? 

Followed by, the star of the party :

Drinks. ugly pics. is sorries. here. have another ugly pic.

Much better? meh. Grabbed a drink each. The bartenders were super friendly and nice. Pro weh! 
Then headed to a table in the VIP section. Audrey of  won the Johnnie Walker facebook contest so she got a table there. CONGRATS and THANKS! Her entourage really looked like they had fun, with the hotel and limo, talk about style~ :) She was nice to let us...more of me really...since she doesn't know me at all... hang out at the table. It really gave me somewhere to go, or I'd be floating aimlessly. *float float float float*

This ees WEE AI PEE taybouw.

I only managed to take pics of the aftermath, cuz phone no can take pics when dark dark. Our go to spot for the event. :) but neh, proof! Facebook winner's table kay! And no, I didn't take a random shot of random people's table. 

What cool event is complete without pictures to show for it?
Brace yourself, a barrage of pictures taken by Jason/Felix is coming. (in other words, credit to them la)

With Josh, Jin and two lovely ladies! No, I'm not high.
 Caught me mid blink. Better than getting caught in full blink.

 The lucky people of the entourage. i.e: Cool people who stayed in a cool hotel and came in a cool limo and let me hang out at their cool table.

Clearer outfit pics. which might be spammed in another post.

With the lovely Audrey 
i.e: Winner of the Facebook contest, leader of the cool people in cool hotel and cool limo

Honestly for the first part, I felt kinda lost, wandering around with Jin. It was loud (duh!) so, not the best place to hold conversations. Cue socially awkward penguin. Then...then.... this LIFESAVER came along!

Guess who?

Yay Sharon! and also Darren. Amboi... their names also ber-rhyming. The stuff fun people are made of ;)
Sharon hung out with Jin & I (and darren) and most of the fun happened when ber-chatting and ber-conversing. and.and. and. dance floor.

Nola! Not drunk la! Didn't drink that much D: Even though it was free flow D: and I wasn't driving D: D:
 I am a good girl i am! (if you didn't get that, my fair lady reference failed D:) We just had fun dancing to the djs. Met a couple of new people. Super friendly girls! GOGO ORANG SABAH! KORANG BEST BAH!

Also : Bumped into a childhood acquaintance  who was also from the Total Image event that afternoon. 
Also : Dancing with a random dude (short-lived definitely)
Also : Getting filmed by people with pro looking cameras. Footage will be too retarded to be used for sure.
Also : Missed out on a drama back at the vip table.
Also : Eyeballing this guy (refer to pic below) from the dance floor because he be sooo familiar

oosem poohsem seeing kiat there ;p

All good things must come to an end. So here is...the end.
The aftermath :

View from one spot. Angle #1

View from one spot. Angle #2

And.and.and.and. Guess who I spotted?

Actually spotted him was earlier, but no guts to ask till selepas berakhirnya malam tersebut.
Actually ter-interrupted his conversation with Sharon D: whoopsie badoopsie banyak-banyak sorrie :(
but thank you! ;p

Yay! Tony Eusoff. Always spotting him on local tv. 
Most recently and most memorable was on the big screen. I really did like his work in Relationship Status. If you haven't caught it yet... you better find a way to. (sidetrack sikit) it was poignant and relatable. Especially in our era ruled by social media. Maybe I'll blog about that another day. Just.Maybe.


Rosak je gamba D;

They both worked on Relationship Status, with Darren having one ( or two, tak berapa ingat) of his songs in the movie and his name in the credits.GOGO MALAYSIA! :D Support the local industry people!

That basically wrapped up the night. It was cool to know that the organizers encouraged the event-goers who had a little too much (or A LOT TOO MUCH) to take taxis provided outside. They had mineral water at the exits to get people re-hydrated. Although it was up to you to get yourself re-hydrated. or if you're super Malaysian, FREE WATER WEH!

While waiting for our ride, ( no we were not going to hobble back down the million steps,because we will only reach next week if we did) Jin and I attempted to take full outfit shots.

JinYin in her loverly, goldenly Herve Leger bandage dress. 
Gorg much?

Me! In my berbanyak-banyak gulden bustieh. veet black pencil skirt. 

No time for re-takes cuz our ride arrived, so one shot people! not bad for one shot! And that really wrapped up the night :)

Will try to update the photos if i manage to get the proper ones from the photographers.

next up : RARA BLACK!

Dead man calling.not really.

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to catch Sarah Ruhl's Dead Man's Cellphone @KLPac. Based on the klpac webbie, this is the gist of it :

Jean is sleepwalking through her life until she answers a dead man’s cell phone. It turns out to be a wake-up call that sends her on a date with the dead man’s brother, a drinking binge with his wife and a mysterious rendezvous with his mistress. Not to mention trips to the afterlife and the black market. In this quirky modern adventure, Jean re-connects to her own spirit and learns that life is for the living.
She’s picking up the missed calls he left behind.
 A response:
“… is a mad pilgrimage of an imagination as it is invaded and atomized by the phone, which transforms private as well as public space.” — John Lahr, The New Yorker

So after collecting the tickets, my friend and I headed inside to wait. Honest truth? This was my first time in klpac. Amazing but true D: Of course I was in semi-jakun mode while trying to look cool and calm.( pat on the back, I think i pulled it off pretty well :P) 

Obligatory shot with board + complimentary pass.

Grey dress : Random boutique
Blazer: Online

More insight to the show
Anyway,  how did it go?

It was engaging from the start, with Alexis Wong as Jean, getting the ball rolling.  The quirky quips and the transitions from scene to scene were deftly delivered and smoothly executed.  What else was marvelously executed... my personal favourite.. the awkward family dinner scene. I found the uncomfortable awkwardness absolutely hilarious as I can relate to it. As I mentioned earlier, personally...that's what I think. The awkward, poignant, heavily pregnant pauses between premeditated conversations helped emphasize the extent of Jean's intentions. I couldn't help but laugh every time it happened.

Everyone's delivery of their dialogue was mainly clear and crisp, although I did have slight difficulty catching Alvin Looi's ( Gordon/Dead Man) monologue at first. Must have missed out bits and pieces of dialogue here and there :( My loss, I guess. 

There was just so much to take from it, where do I start? Jean, complacent and passive until the phone and everything to do with it enveloped her and truthfully it's amazing how our brain works to pacify someone else. Lies, white lies come so easy, a mechanism that kicks in so easily, and you wonder if you should feel guilty. She takes it upon herself to delve into Gordon's business and undertaking even in his afterlife, without actually having been asked to verbally.

In all her floating around in life, never would she have imagined meeting someone like Dwight. In all her awkwardness, she would have never imagined the rabbit -hole she fell through. Meeting sombre-coloured relatives of the deceased, she delved into more than she would have imagined that could begin with a  simple bowl of lobster bisque. I connected with her at some point, seeing her need to give a bunch of strangers hope, even though woven with little white lies. She was willing

It made me sigh contentedly, seeing innocent romance bloom, and how the most skeptical people could be softened with just a small gesture. 

Then there's The Mother. Payal Vashist's portrayal of Mrs. Gottlieb was spot on the impression of any over-bearing mother/ mother-in-law, the kind who favours one son of the other. I bet someone you know has a mom like that. You can imagine her anguish, losing a prized son in the most unexpected manner and timing. I liked the literal "higher-than-thou" take on her personality when meeting Jean for the first time. She has that absolute Mother of all demeanor about her, in the way she handles her grief and is sensitive about her cooking. 

I also really liked Hermia's skepticism towards Jean's intentions and her relation to her deceased husband. Typical cheated on wife. at the same time, i admire her determination and soft spot for sentimentalism. She loves him out of an unwritten obligation. It was comical the way she opened up to Jean after a few drinks. And all this over a cell phone?

I loved the part where Gordon, post-life talked about his last day alive. About how not everyone needs to carry an umbrella, as one umbrella can cover three people. and with the amount of people in the city, you'll be constantly shaded in the rain, in a way extremely connected. That's how life feels nowadays, at least to me, the networking, the 6 degrees of separation more intriguing than it used to be. And yet, how disconnected we really are. In the digital, wireless world, we seem to be so wired and fused together, but reality check, we really are worlds apart. And yet, technology is irresistible. Jean proudly claims she doesn't have a phone so she could not 'be there', but when the opportune moment of a connection arises, she cannot let it go.  There's a hunger to connect, to the extent of meeting people through people she's never known. Mama always says to not talk to strangers, but I'm sure at some point we all connect to the urge to forge a connection to the unknown. That hunger to connect, ironically cuts off real life connections.

I myself am guilty of burying myself in my Facebook mobile while having dinner with friends and doing what? Oddly (or not) enough, chatting on Fb. I always ask myself why, but it happens. Good time to get the cerebral cogs working.

There was so much depth to the script and I must give a hand to the executors, job well done in conveying the underlying theories.

And I'll finally wrap this up now.

Saito College gets us ex-saito-ed!

It amazing where technology gets us with what it can do, and yet we sometimes tend to look down on the Malaysian potential in achieving the same accomplishments we give our western counterparts credit for.

When it comes to interactive concepts, we would never have imagined college students pulling off anything drastic, but Saito College has proven this wrong.

The students, together with industry veterans recently launched the college's RM100000 worth first phase of and advertising and communication campaign : 'Sa-Kun: The Rise of the Third Eye'. It's going to be a year-long affiar, spearheaded by Pirana Graphics.

I personally missed the tvc run, as we arrived a little bit later than expected. But from what I know, Sa-Kun and Ito-Chan are two cute round-headed characters. In this first episode, Sa-Kun tries to be more creative with his learning but is shunned by friends. The 40-second pilot ends with a cliff-hanger, which asks viewers to get to the Saito College FB page to watch the 2nd episode.

It's not just watching though, you can actually help decide the fate of the the characters and the story line by posting your suggestions onto the Satio College FB page.

I'm a huge fan of augmented reality and interactive stuff. So knowing that our local young 'uns have actually come out with something like this, it's amazing, it pushes boundaries. I mean, imagine going to TGV cinemas like every other time to catch John Carter, and ta-da it's not just another ad before your movie, and you actually get to get your hands into the thought process and development of the series. It's a milestone and you can tell the students involved in the campaign love what they do. There's the passion there that fuels what they do and of course the product of the passion will definitely be worth the watch.

You can go to to get in on the on-goings :) Also... SUPPORT!

pssttt! you get to see how Sa-Kun looks like if you go there! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 1 : Day 1 ,Check

Recap of week 1:

Day 1 : Drove all the way from cyber over because it was too late to leave at night. Experienced (the ONLY) jam that most people have to brave every morning. As it always is when yu start off day one, obligatory accident,it did hold up traffic quite a bit. and as it would also go....drizzle.
Reached bro's place with time to spare so i washed my hair and unpacked a little. Off to work.

Reached the office, settled down, read through background of company and services it runs.

Did task given.
And while doing it... BOOM.lights go out like a 5ive song.

Turns out, maintenance works in the condo = no electricity til 7 thereabouts, according to the notice board at the lifts.

SO we headed to McD to use their wifi.that was down as well, so bleh, that,just finished up the task.

While paying the parking, boss had problems with the ticket.
what was the problem? the ticket had no magnetic's that for a first!

anyway, that day i chose to stay home and make home a home. thank goodness i did. :)

turned out to be one jam -packed week after that D:

Friday, March 09, 2012

Sold on SOLD.MY

I recently attended SOLD.MY's Grand Launch held in Gecko Bar, PJ Trade Centre, unsure of what to expect as I had very little knowledge (or understanding, too deng sometimes D:) about it. I was very much curious to find out how it worked as i couldn't really grasp the concept by just reading alone ( that's just me really D:)

I was there with the company, so, I was more of helping to set up and pack goodie bags and do the registration. PROOF :

Picture credit to Jinyin of
I helped ohkayyy????

And as I really didn't know what was what, I was fueled with curiosity. 

This greeted the participants of the launch. Think red carpet.
The restaurant was closed to the public after lunch to host this function, which meant we had the place to ourselves. No being shy about fully utilising this space for pictures :D Anyway, first things first, registration. Each participant was given a goodie bag each. (yay!)

Said goodie bag, horrible picture though :(

Inside the bag :Sticky candy and a mug!( with a little spoon)
Also came with a pamphlet explaining the concept of Sold.MY but I misplaced it :(

It says SOLD.MY!

Participants were encouraged to tweet with the @SoldMY hash tag.

Stuff up for grabs on Sold.MY. Definitely the attention grabber. 
 From Blackberries to Tiffany & Co. Jewellery, you name it they had it. 

Once they got you wanting it, it definitely got you paying attention to how  Sold.MY works, because you can get it cheaper there! Crazy cheap! And from what they were saying, all you need is luck and strategy ( and of course cash to start it up )

Participants were given the low -down of how Sold.My worked.

The event was hosted by Mei Sze, who got the participants up and alert.The upbeat, concise and lively session was conducted by the team from SOLD.SG and they really got the point across.

The media men covering the event.

So anyway, what did I learn about Sold.MY ?
As you saw the items in the picture somewhere up there, they're all brand new, up for bid, starting at RM0.00. You need a token to make a bid, each token costs RM 1.50, and every bid increases the current price by 15 cents, the current time by 20 seconds. When you first sign up, you are given 7 tokens free!

So the gist of it is, be the last bidder as the clock times down to 0:00:00, and the item is yours for the price stated there! Easy, peasy lemon squeezy!

The challenge of the deal is to actually fight your way up with other bidders and the strategy of bidding. The trick as we were told, was to use the auto-bidder to "fight" for us. What is that? It's a function you can customize to kick in after a certain time, and to throw in bids within the time limit set and it will all be done without you having  to be there physically to hawk-eye the counter. 

 They really had a wide range of items, i saw speakers, headphones, iPhone docks and I had my eye on a Yoda thumb drive(too cute!!).Hot items like iPhones and Blackberries could go up to 5 hours wait time, while the smaller, less "hot" items could go off in much less. Safe to say, pick your battles wisely ;)

How I learnt this? 
They actually set up a mock demo with the site running and participants with their laptops, so we got to see first hand how it looks like and how it works. Pretty interesting to see how it went. 

Sold.Sg member explaining with objects the concept of the site.

So this being the media launch, the media were treated to a "private" media-only bidding session later than night! I wasn't free to take part but I heard loads of people won lots of goodies :) So much cheaper than buying it from regular stores. Lucky ducks! 

The entire session was short and concise, where most questions were discussed over the early dinner buffet. The Sold.Sg team was friendly and amiable, they answered all questions and explained in detail about the concept and usability of the site. Then again, everything works better during food-time :P 

Really yummers, was too busy eating to take up close shots of the food. 

Obligatory cam-whore shot.
With Jason and Jinyin

Did i mention they had a pretty cool hammer mascot thing?

Disclaimer: No members were hurt during the shooting of this picture.
pic creds :

Outfit :
Grey long sleeve skater dress : Kitschen
Pink Belt : Bazaar@subang parade
Shoes: Boutique @Puchong

And remember the "red carpet" area outside?\
pic taken from Advertlet's Facebook ;p

That concludes this post.
(now, lunch)