Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Happy list

Despite recent events and misgivings, my Happy Playlist has been faithfully playing all week if not more.
(yes, it really is called the happy list)
So, what's on my list and why?

#1.Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
gorgeous shot of the gorgeous Andrew Macmahon by Keaton Andrew

it's realistic yet hopeful.It's honest. you've been there. the cheerful guitar riffs with the right amount of drums to drum up some heart strings. once in a while we need to slow down and take in how perfect the shade of the night is. and that's all you need.
the world could be burning down :)

#2.The Resolution- Jack's Mannequin
My favourite part : 
I'm alive
I don't need a witness
To know that I survived

If you have been through something no one should, and you're reading this, hats off to you. 
It may not be something everyone knows, but you know you made it. God knows you made it. 
There's no need for worldly acknowledgement. 
And we all need light, but we first need to admit that we do. What's the point of groping around in the dark when you actually have the opportunity of light?

#3. The Bird and the Worm - Owl City
It's just tooo cute. Happy lyrics, happy tunes. Love in its purest form, friendship. :)

#4. Marching Bands of Manhattan - Deathcab for Cutie
Another uplifting love song. declaration of care and love for someone else with one of the most imaginative ways possible. Knowing you want to cheer up the other person you care about, wanting to see them happy.

#5. Face Up - Lights

"Dark out, but you still gotta light up"
Everyone's been there and she knows it. What else can we do but get up? Why do we dwell on things that don't make us feel alright? We need to always remember.

#6. Quiet - Lights
It's nice to have someone you can be quiet with, no need for conversation, just being there and it will be enough. We should also take time out for ourselves, and reflect amid the busy bustle of routine.

#7.  Second Go - Lights
We can never be reminded enough of how God loves us as we are. We may feel ugly on the inside but He knows we can clean up and He believes in us. We ask for second chances, always forgetting there is always second chances with Him.

#8. Lions! - Lights
Lions maybe represent many things in different people's lives. It could means dangers and fears. Problems and questions, but it could also stand for the lion of Judah.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
We are not brave on our own, and we don't know how far we can grow if we are not first put to the test.
'You don't have to feel safe to feel unafraid'
Makes me think of Daniel in the lions den, Queen Esther, Moses and every other bible hero you've known.
They didn't now whether they would make it out alive, and some didn't, but they were unafraid.

#9. Hands On Me - Vanessa Carlton
Trust who you love :)

#10. MFEO pt 2 : You can breathe- Jack's Mannequin
Love the piano. We need that time to breathe. we can run but in the end we need to face it .

#11. Carousel - Vanessa Carlton
It's a pick me up coming from a friend who has been there, love will come around again :) 

#12. Letters from the Sky - Civil Twilight
You're never going to away forever. At some point you'll meet again :) always hope :)

#13. Family Tree - Matthew West
Don't let the past rule your future. We are able to break bondage that are hereditary. God always gives us second chances . 
'yesterday does not define you '

#14. The Story of your Life - Matthew West
We decide the course of our story

#15,  Gimme Sympathy - Metric
They stop you from venturing out and discovering for yourself what you're truly capable of
Don't always stay in the safe zone, you will never find out your true potential that way 

#16. Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars
I'd like to think of it as we are the kings and queens of promise. we are more than we think we are.

#17. Nolita Fairytale- Vanessa Carlton
They can take success away from you but they cannot take your spirit

#18. Choices - The Hoosiers
I can do it, you don't have to make me do it

#19. Make it without you - Andrew Belle
People are bound to let you down, just move on :)

#20. Rabbit Heart [Raise it up] - Florence + the Machine
those in authority might misuse their power but we have to stand up for ourselves

#21. We R who we R- Ke$ha
admittedly a major guilty pleasure, but doesn't hurt to remember who we are. Live it up well.

#22. Breathe - Michelle Branch
When everything seems to be going wrong, take a breather. 

# 23. Crooked Teeth - Deathcab for Cutie
Sometimes we have to acknowledge that something isn't going to work and let it go. 

hgungnnnhhh BOOKS

call me girly, or childish or bleh.... but series i HAVE to finish :

The Chemical Garden Trilogy
So far, I'm at 'Wither'.Can't wait for 'Fever'!

yeayea this the "scifi" girly book. hehex


Aprilynne Pike's WINGS:
this is the First book
the Third book

 because....the second book is quite the awesome...terbaca....sebab terbeli....

BUT if the are sticking to Miley for the part of  Laurel, I'm giving it the 'Dark is Rising ' treatment. UGH!

Monday, September 26, 2011


DISCLAIMER: crappy mobile pics thanks to lazyness and much fun with friends.

so it was Arthur's Day. and i had tickets. for me, it wasn't about boozing. i had three things in mind when i invited or asked who i asked:
           i.those who enjoy the company
          ii.those who liked the music
         iii. those who liked the booze

So YAY! unfortunately, there were people who didn't enjoy or like the other people who were going, who have no idea who is who and not a Taio fan...and lastly....doesn't i didn't want to make this difficult for everyone else and easier for them too. Sorry for those i asked but couldn't make it as well :(

So yay as yay can be. we were off! horrid jam at the roundabout.SO far. D: but in the end sampai juga.the whole time von von n yailee were doing their make up. lagen: thank God i'm a guy.

 lagen: thank God i'm a guy.

Obligatory arthur's day bg pic

unrotatable pics up ahead D:

Ohkay, so all that was before we really got swinging.After that it was clappers, singing along, head bopping, woo-hooing and....i don't quite remember. but yeah...

Obligatory screen shot of crowd

obligatory attempted Taio on screen shot

Honest truth? too busy hanging out and listening to the music to whip my phone out to take more pics.
i wasn't quite happy with the one drink i had.kinda flat. but two sausages in a hotdog?win.

anyways, we wanted to dance a little, but we didn't want to squish like sardine at the stage where many people were. neither did we want to stand around like cool cucumbers. too mainstream.

so we picked a spot right behind the sound systems which meant no view of stage but of all 4 huge screens.good enough.and danced off to taio.sorry if we scared you cool non-dancing cucumbers who saw us. girls just wanna have fu-un.
So after the whole she-bang came the real bang bang boomz.


The invited [super bright mode]

normal mode

attempted after-party camwhore

more of that

le gurli gurls

not forgetting the mess of the aftermath

Obligatory globe picture with ming ming

obligatory lighted up harp pic with random people

We waited quite some time for the human jam to clear up thinking it will also clear up the car jam...
we were weren't really moving,couldn't even back up. Didn't even bother to turn on the engine...

waiting le boredly for traffic to ease up

all those pretty lights are cars not moving.
but eventually i had space behind me and we zoomed off to the other non-congested exit and had good noms in McD.

polyvored version of my outfit (as close as i could find la)

le lagen camwhore shot .fake serious.

So, some came for the drinks, some came for the acts,some for the people
I went for the company,enjoyed the acts and had a drink :) is contented. ;) cannot be rotated for goodness knows what reason.waiwaiwaiwai.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

girly girling #2939

i have this weakness for flared's unbecoming....but it's too cute! look at this!

how is tht not adorable!


SO! it's over for the sem! like woohooooo!!! the cold weather accompanied this experience of realizing you're "free". SO plans plans plans? just the right time to pick up my Arthur's Day tickies! SO ngam the timing.habis exam terus enjoy. so went with party ppl Yailee and :Lagen. Found my way to centerpoint after not being there in MOOONTHS. Got my 4tickies + 2 for yay! cool day for now....nak gi kite flyinggggg D: anyway.... bright red hair colour for < rm 10? is HAS. so so so sosososossosos....for now, happy parteh peeperl.


just will all go away. he can say what he likes.he can treat you how he likes.but gotta be strong and walk it off.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

 i don't drink as much as i'd like to, but, imagine that i do... here's to Life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Does one Simply Walk into a Johnnie Walker Jet Black Race Party?

So, as we all know, there's always a first time for everything. We all have our very own bucket list. If you were born recently, it's never too late to find out that Google is your best friend. The question now is, what's on my list?

So to name something I haven't done, I have not experienced the night life in our quaint neighbouring country, le Lion City!

What's the big hoo-haa? what?What?

THIS ...i cannot even....:

If you're not an outdoors night owl, hngggggghhh....THIS IS....(not sparta)....

where? the bay front of the glamorous Fullerton... where is that? THAT'S why i need to go!

I've never been to a party in Singapore ever! EVER! Honest! ( more like n00b)
no,no has this ever before.

What's the hype?
How is "full five-star hospitality and to top it all off, might just receive a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ drivers, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button" NOT a hype? hgnhhdf!

How is that not hot stuff? Unless you're them, you wish you had their handling and great skills.

SO,Lewis Hamilton won for McLaren-Mercedes in the 2009 Formula One™ SINGTEL Singapore Grand Prix night race .
Yes he gets monies and big trophy and fames and all thats.

SO, I deserve a chance to tick something off my bucket list and get something done in life. I deserve to get up, close and personal with the hottest thing around the corner. I deserve to live it up big time! (even if it's only for a few short days *sads*)
What better way than with Ol' Johnnie boy? You'd definitely get the credit for spicing up my very quiet life.

this,this be very the hot

This could be the reason to keep walking,no?
I want to go so badly, I might have to do this :

to find out other ways to win a chance to experience this awesomes.

What's not to like about Johnnie? OR his FACEBOOK page?
So we should all clicky-clicky THIS and likey-likey and educate ourselves further there.

But most importantly, one should NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE no matter where you party.ever.
no drinky drinky, drivey drivey.