Thursday, June 30, 2011

He actually hears you, you know?

God's promises ring true.always.Like Job knew, we should also.
in the lieu of bad news after bad news and so much negativity, God always reminds us He is in control. Sometimes it takes something so small and simple but an answered prayer is still an answered prayer.

as i left my house this morning, i had a grim,foreboding sense of negativity, as thought something bad was going to happen that day.But oddly enough, i also felt a sense of peace,albeit a tinge of sadness,but not worry or fear.

as i locked my gate, i was praying intensely for covering and protection, even though nothing actually happened,yet. i even left my window open even though i have the paranoia of bad things happening because of open windows. Something told me to not worry and just trust God.

In class we were down 2 teammates but things just fell into place. It wasn't perfect, there were mistakes but i thank God that we all kept a level head and played by ear.It worked out.there was a calmness throughout the day despite the fact i was feeling unwell and somehow overwhelmed.

In the evening, during dinner, a stranger walked up to our table holding my ic asking if it was me. apparently my somehow opened purse was just lying on the road, part of the contents spilled out. She asked me to check for my important and praise the Lord, they were all there. Nothing was missing.I felt i didnt thank her enough. Thank you again stranger. There was that peace and gratefulness i felt.

God does His thing in ways we will never fully comprehend. He puts peace into our hearts and all we have to do is trust him. He has all our best interests at heart. We need not worry, but even so, He reminds us that life is still fragile and we should make the best of what we have.Many times we forget and take our blessings for granted. We forget to say 'I love you' or show someone that we truly care about them.We take for granted there will always be a tomorrow,a next week, a next year. We say things we would regret,should they be the last words they hear from us.

we all need to remember that God only allows what we can handle to happen to us. If you're in a bad place right now,it's only because you're stronger than you think you are.We may not be able to figure out the entire picture from a single puzzle piece, but He does.He practically printed it out.

Maybe down the road, i myself will forget.please remind me again.We all need reminders constantly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

at some point, this feeling of wanting to run away from everything has got to stop.