Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook City maybe?

So somehow i kept seeing K post up a status, and it floated up mid air, words floating stolidly against an invisible background. As you post a comment to that status, a highway forms, leading to the building of the commenter. The highway form smoothly, seemingly it grow out of nothing at all, smooth as painted cement, alike to the Ikea parking lots.

In the background stood buildings, some monstrously tall, some, slum-like and low cost. It became apparent that every building belonged to a Facebooker, one for each account. The high-rise ones were easier to observe, they stood out brilliantly in the sun. The squares of display pictures of their friends made up the window panels on the building, each picture floating an exact distance away from each other, seemingly to move a little now and then. the tallest one in my view had an antenna like top, more like the Empire State Building...

one of the coolest dreams i've had in a long time, but no thanks to its looping on the spot.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

popped me didnt you....

you made me feel like a piece popcorn....
i was just a lonely kernel of corn
when you came along
and turned me inside out.
you know know everything about me
everything there is to see
cuz what you see
is what you get
now i just wait to see if i regret
and i hope im buttered and salted enough to your liking
i'll just wait

tiga dalam satu!

biar betul! tiga dalam satu? tak mungkin! dan hanya untuk harga rm 6? Biar betul ni!! bagaimanakah itu kenyataaan????

Jawapannye senang je: pagi - pagi tengok Salt kat Midvalley. jauhs gilers. parking mau muntah! lepas itu, Aperentis Si Sorseres di Alamanda lepas berBurger King sekali lagi. (gemuks gilers)... akhirnya fobia 2 di rumah kawan....takut jugak...tapi i survived kan? best.... Iz gemuks...

Monday, July 19, 2010

A little time to be thankful

So today someone left me a message stating their opinion that I'm getting prettier as i get older, judging from my pictures... coming from someone who playfully insults me at every possible chance, it kinda brightens up my day :) Thank you YOU...

Lately I've been getting little compliments like, "Hey you look pretty today" or " You're looking better and better recently, what have you been up to?" Honestly, I'm not used to compliments, and most of the time( sorry to the compliment-ers if you're reading this) I'm half skeptical and kind of think it's not very sincere but you're just being nice and it's not true at all. I feel bad cuz it's almost like saying you're lying, but that's not because you're a liar, but because i don't feel pretty at all... :( But, if i DO say I'm entirely NOT pretty then I'll be saying God is a sucky artist,which is not true...

So bottom line is, i accept i look presentable enough and I appreciate compliments and you must know they quite boost up my self esteem. It really makes my day :) Thank You and thank you all :)

A last note, if someone can take the time to dish out a sincere compliment, why can't we all do that? Take time everyday to think of something good about someone and compliment them :) Everyone deserves a little happy boost everyday....not ego boost tho... :P you come back down to earth right not you egoistic doof! :P You'll never know, you might make someone's day and put a little happy dent in their day :)

hands on the wheel eyes on the road

i'm just driving through a storm cloud
i'll be over it in time

i'll let the wipers wipe us dry...
the windshield's my shield against the sky

gently tap me on my shoulder
feast my eyes on the emotions

Something i've been brooding over....

I posted this as a note in FB earlier because i just needed to get it off my chest....

everyone has the same responsibility? not quite, if that were entirely true, there would be no need for hierarchy, for committees, for overseers. So that being said, if you are in a position, any position at all, you have a bigger reason and huger responsibility. Don't dump what you slack off on innocent bystanders, especially the ones who are always there. save your indignation for your reasoning for people who actually need to hear it... they definitely won't be out looking for you, so best you go out looking for them. remember, no one's doing it FOR you, so stop acting like they should. So does everyone have the same responsibility? NOpe nope nope.... when we do it, it is because we take initiative, you're the one who has to make it a job. big difference there. it's when you strip away the title do you find out if ones heart is truly with it.... it is when people do things without having the obligation that you see their stand.... remember WE dont HAVE to do it...we WANT to... while you HAVe to do it...so let's just hope you WANT to....Everything we CHOSE to do without obligation is a choice...that WE made ourselves....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

jom melaka!

Every other day when i pop up awake, i'm really awake. Not today...i'm taking at least this one hour to fully awaken myself before i make that2 hour drive...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

the things i did

so today i confronted a Middle-Eastern family concerning a cowardly bully of a boy from their clan....

which lame, small thinged boy goes around pushing down girls who were busy minding their own business?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

where do you belong?

after the talk about MEnistry and ministry, it's got me thinking about why i feel compelled to help out in every way i can for somethings, but feel so reluctant in others.

i'll speak for myself here, but the more i feel i belong somewhere, the more i have the want to help out and be involved. it seems to be part and parcel of the "joining".... it comes naturally, when you care about something or someone, the need to watch out for it /them becomes an instinct.

but then again if it's in your personality to just be plain lazy then.... it's just a YOU problem i guess...

bottomline : it is when you feel you belong that you want to get involved :)

also another question would be, do not always accuse or question someone else for not wanting to be involved, many times one should ask themselves, especially if they are at the top, why aren't people getting involved WITH you....Man in the mirror concept :P