Monday, February 27, 2012

Something that bugs me

So recently I was at the Birthday Invasion 2012 ( basically their birthday party). Prior to the event, I looked up info on the event : location, acts, dresscodes etc... And as most of the posts went, it seemed to be a family friendly, local act hyped up event. Which didn't raise any eyebrows.

If you didn't already know, the demographic ( from observation ) for seem to be between the ages 11- 19 ( agak-agakla, plus minus a minority age group). Also, no where did it say it was for  an >18 crowd.

My expectations:
1.Clean fun
2. pop/hip hop music
3. and kids...lots of them.

What happened :
Lots of kids. Without a doubt. They were everywhere. We came in during the intermission, so when everyone was making their way out for a snack we were just about walking in. You can say they paraded past us. So, yea, lots of kids with the occasional few adults.

Music. As expected, loads of hip hop and rapping. Everyone with their hands in the air saying Yeah Yeahh Yeah! and in between performances they aired music videos which still kept the crowd going (For the most part ) What irked me though, was the choice of songs of the videos. It seems that that as long as you were Top 40 you were in. So call me a conservative, but when songs glorifying  female derriere pop up, I'm not one to condone the fact that young (or maybe not that young) school children are exposed to this. I'm also not saying that they never get exposed to stuff like this, but.... you'd think that an organization (of sorts) that wishes kids "GOOD LUCK for your PMR" would be encouraging something like this?

Like I mentioned earlier, based on their ads, it came across as a for all ages thing, even kids included, seeing how there were actually kids there with their parents. yes,kids. running around. main-main catching.

Which bring us to the clean fun.
A number of the rap verses were peppered with swear words. Performers actually using the big F word when hyping up the crowd (of kids). I'm not sure what the planning was like when they let kids in and then gave no restrictions to their performers.

I'm not going into details.Maybe not now. Just dissatisfied that Hitz.FM which has a large following of young people are not being responsible in how they present themselves or in how they are indirectly encouraging such behaviour. I'm not angel and I'm no prude, but I definitely wouldn't want to be a "source" of "encouragement" when it comes to things like this, as menial and small it may seem.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dreams #5632

This is an old dream,but,finally got around to getting it down.(for reasons)

As usual in the array of non-sequential dreams, this one stood out.It was, lets call him Lex, and it was a regular day in the car. He was driving ( it was either of our cars,that i remember clearly) and we were just talking. Nothing unusual there. I was looking out the passenger side window while talking and we stopped at a traffic light. I turned back to look at him and was startled as he was leaning in close to my side, looking intently at me.

More curious than freaked out, I stared back, albeit questioningly. Then BAM. He kissed me. I was surprised at first, but I didn't stop him. A short while later, we pulled apart, as the light turned green. He straightened up and put the gear into drive. I was quiet, wondering what just happened and he shot me a grin.

"I always wanted to try that"

I only smiled and said, "really" (without the ?)

And then for the next part of the dream was just grey industrial buildings.
And normally I don't mind telling my dreams, but this took me awhile to get out.for some reason i was pretty embarrassed.