Friday, December 23, 2011

So it's done

So it's done, i did it. What is it about watching and listening to yourself that is so annoying :(
maybe i really am that annoying,but it had to be done. And what are the odds someone decides to try out his recording device while i'm there.(at least he doesnt think i sound like a goat D:) and it's done...

i hope he likes it . *crosses fingers* Cannot wait for family time!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tiny ditty

we don't got a lot of dough
and we don't have any snow
we don't know what the new year holds
but there's one thing that i do know

 you're all here with me
you mean more than the tree
even more than all the presents

We don't need a lot of money
to make our Christmas sunny (it's free!)
We don't need fancy a car
and we don't need to travel far

you're all here with me
you mean more than the tree
even more than all the presents


Is not about the game or toys
not about the crowds or noise
it's bout friends and family
all you dearest ones to me

:) Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

things to be thankful for #595958

such busy weeks before and ahead of me.I haven't had time to be thankful for what i have. But the little things do matter. things have been so overwhelming and i  haven't really been allowing myself to express what i really feel inside. and like it or not, that's not me. I can't really work like this. So I'm going to just list down things i'm grateful for. i will try not  to feel guilty for feeling happy.i deserve to be happy once in a while.

-long line for consultation,but we did the basic 3d for it already. Told the lecturer we'll come  back when the line is shorter but he offered to consult our work at the pc straight away. Nothing else but God's hand in that.
-good friends who offer helping hands when yu need them
-friends who are good company to help you take your mind off things and who remind you that it's ohkay to laugh and be happy now and then.
-the feeling of peace where short tempers used to rise.
-progress is being able to let go (better than nothing)
-awesome weekends
-being able to make the best out of a down turned situation.

-being able to have family time :)

mantra of the day: i have the right to feel happy. as long as no one else gets hurt.