Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In everything give thanks. Even when a good day with family ended with a huge cramp and a slightly sharp note. give thanks.
I started a Tumblr to share things that made me happy. positive things. thought provoking things. so much for positivism .at one point i got a telling off for "doing something just because the internet said so". yea,based on a quote about moving on and surround oneself with positive people and things. i doubted myself for a while, wondering if this all this being positive was wrong, that i should not allow myself to mend or to heal up with positive thinking. Also, if quotes like that encourage me, they could be encouraging many others who read it, so why not share it? everyone deserves a pick-me-up, and a gentle push to move on.

after much doubting, i chose to keep on reblogging what positive statements i feel would encourage others. and guess what? Someone followed me and when i thanked them for it, i got this response :

"No need to thank, i have found some very inspiring images in your blog...but I´m following you for the positive messages, that at this moment, I need so much, thanks for dropping this lines, and please keep the good work for all us fans of you!…"

so, i'm glad i didn't stop. to some, it may seem selfish and attention seeking and stupid to want to believe and do what "stuff on the internet" said, but, i don't regret sharing it,because it helped someone, even if it was only one person.

Some things pay off you when listen to His voice and persevere. you never know whats coming, or when it does...but when it finally happens, it'll will mean so much more.

what you do

Once upon a time, i considered myself an extrovert. That, to me meant being friendly with everyone and trying to make friends.being nice to everyone,simple as that. But, over the years, there's been too much accusations, finger pointing and double standards. Friendly translates into something else and that led to baseless judgment, due the fact that people rather speculate than give benefit of the doubt.(so "christian" ain't it?) So, thanks to the many out there who stood by and made false assumptions, i now choose not to get to know new people to avoid being labeled by your friendly, neighbourhood church goers.

Safe to say,i'm oddly an introvert now. it's not really who i am, but for now, till i get over the finger-pointing or the fear of it... what can i do? do what's right i suppose? see how la. what's the point of doing something good and "earn" more "labels"?

Monday, October 24, 2011


So, Saturday rolled around. Popped up at 10 something in the morning. with only 4 hours of sleep and the inability to go back to sleep, so, went back to work on a few ideas i had for the shirts. i did google a little, for reference and ideas, but didn't actually follow everything to the T,so oh well, here goes.

T- Shirt #1

Cut off the neckline and sewed a little stitch into the back. can be worn either way.

T-Shirt #2 :


Had so many of these, so picked my least favourite to experiment on. So made it into a tank! wore it out on satruday :) comfy comfy

 T shirt #3 

Very minimal cut in the shoulder.meh

T Shirt #4

Made it into a crop yeaa....

T Shirt #5

Just neckline ad sleeves, so they don't cut into my fat anymore D:

T Shirt #6

First the collar but in a 'U'

Then off with the Sleeves! done done

There you go. This coming week's mission? to wear one each day :D updates if i manage to do la :p

Saturday, October 22, 2011


slpt around 6 something this morning (whatever the time stamped on the previous post is) and tadaaaa.i  was wide awake at 10.30 am. wai bodeh clock wai D: wai is i no can has sleeppz in?? D:

D.I.Y of the day #4911

So, just before i fell asleep the other day, i had the urge to cut up a tshirt, but i decided against acting out on my notions and slept instead. So today( more like yesterday) as i was waiting for yailee to get ready to go watch Real Steel, i decided to pull out a tshirt and commence the cutting, so i did...the lucky tshirt?

This one. My 'Love Me Butch' tshirt 
(Love Me Butch = Local band = google-able)

So step 1 :
I cut off the neck line. Then test- cut off one sleeve. So it looked like this :

Satisfied, moved on to step 2 :
Off with both sleeves. left over sleeves seen there

Step 3 :
I made a boo boo when i cut off the sleeves, so my step 3 consisted of sewing in the sides around the armholes to make it fit and not stick out and expose the insides (shyla!) and basically when not worn, looks as above.

Then with the leftover sleeve, Step 4 :
I cut one wide strip, enough to sew two short tubes. I forgot to take pictures, so it looks like this pic i took off the interwebs. Imagine them WAYYY shorter,messier, and black.

Step 5 was to sew each tube into a loop at the top of each strap, but not sewn down, so you can still move it along the strap itself.
Can't see it in the pic, but its function will be evident in the pictures to come. Anyway, somewhere along the way i decided to cut a small slit down the front to make a little ' v' if i wanted.  

With that, TADAAA! done! 

Doesn't look like much i know.oh, well.

Below are the modeled pics, more to show the variations of styles that can be done by moving the loops

This is just it....without messing with anything


Design 1 : Loopies way up the top, flaps left as it is. 
I will call this the default design.

Design 2 : Loopies pulled down to create thinner straps and flaps tucked in for the sweetheart/sorta v-neck neckline

Design 3 : Loopies pulled down and flaps left as it is for a square neckline with a slight slit.

Design 4 : Loopies all the way up top and flaps tucked in = Regular V neck top

So.that's that.
As science would have it, having the loopies anywhere along the strap gives it a different look. I have no idea what stitches i used, just whatever i learnt back in high school, in KH ( or home econs?)
Not planning to win any awards with my stitches, no fear there.

i blame Old Town's teh tarik.the caffeine kicked in to my body a little too late.was so twitchy i couldn't sleep.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday Jamsies

So Monday day ! more liek the first day of classes.

we all went grocery and necessity shopping. and.we found....COMFY JAMMIE PANTSIES!!!

ohkay so they werent exactly made for our sizes,but at 10 bucks for extra cloth im not, home and some alteration and TADA!!!!! modded,wearable JAMMIE PANTSIES!!!!

them jamsies.
"mod" is the little pleat down the front where i folded in about two inches of the waistband to the middle
the design up close.prettiness!!! 10 bucks for so much cloth? wai not?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oh what a day!

woke up in time with time to spare this morning,but felt really tired out for some reason. so tired i didn't realise i didn't bring my keys out with me before locking my door. I followed my housemate out the door, hence having to reason to check if i had my key. oh well.

my brain was barely with me all day, aside from certain jumps of adrenaline...

came back to locked doors, much waiting i mopped up the hall.

but much waiting came to an end,and mr door opener arrived,  grabbed a plastic bottle, cut it up,slide,turn,shove and TADA! quick buck! (or bucks)

now,i feel so pooped tired. but...i;m still here .it's been ok i guess

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mummy oh mommy

So my sister and I were telling our mom about us watching 'Land Before Time".
 The original, mind you. 

And we were recollecting how I used to cry and ask my mom " why did the mother die?". My mom was like,"YA!"
then proceeded to imitate 3 year old me asking "why the mother die?????" i would have said i didn't sound like that, but unfortunately for me....i sounded exactly like that D: but, it was a good laugh :D


total squee material.

tetris part 2

Somehow, recently, things fall into place....tiny pieces,but still pieces.
Was just talking to a friend about fear and how nonsensical it is to fear worldly things and POOF! guess what was today's sermon about? :D
Then during sermon itself, I had a sudden craving for Chatime...guess what the bro brought over for lunch? :D:D

there was something else but for the life of me i cannot recall.
Big Bad Wolf: Sissie's stash

Big Bad Wolf : My Mini Stash

Sister's Bookalicious Stash

My mini bookalicious stash.

So completed sets are :
The Luxe novels
Aprilynne Pike's Wings (Finally! after reading the seocnd book only)
The Wolves Chronicles (i think they're called that?)

Also Scott Westerfeld's new one :D

So much to look forward to :D

Spent the weekend with my bigger younger sister :D yayness tooo!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

everyone's going somewhere
i'm not there yet
but i'll get there, i'll get there
is it odd that i like things in its entirety?

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

dreams #456

it was a competition, to come out with an outfit according to the theme.the theme was feminine,spring. i was helping the girls, using ideas and design from my sketch book.i dressed everyone up and they went out to the dining table.only i wasn't ready.i even helped the guys this year.this is probably the only season that a contestant dressed up the entire team because the decided not to use a stylist. and i had dressed up every single one of them throughout the i was left with no time, no shoes. so i couldn't sew the design i wanted. i wanted to wear this jumpsuit that had pastel pink lace top and black shorts, but my shoes were in the car. and i needed something i could go barefoot with, so there was this other white cotton dress and a blue halter.i barely remember what i chose.

i remember giving them the other designs because they were taller than i was and it definitely looked better on them

at the dinner table, a guy had all the bitter gourd so i asked for some.uncle hock wanted the water melons that tasted thick and i gave it all to him. the hall was dark and gloomy and the stage was carpeted. a deep red.

Outside were the fans with boards and reporters with cameras.also security to hold them back.

that was all i remember.i woke up mulling over which dress i could wear.

counting blessings #995

so it's been good, not sweating the small stuff.finishing up books. having positive conversations with people who  try to bring out the best in you. after all this time, i don't know why i chose to go through so much difficulty. but it's all good i guess. if it doesn't kill you....

honestly, happiness wasn't that difficult to find.isn't. it's always's in appreciating having your family around. in having a roof over your head, a room despite the pollution and heat. it's in being able to have dogs who love you and family members that could never dream of hurting animals (besides pests D:) it's in knowing you have friends who stick with you no matter what. Surrounding yourself with good things.

Sometimes i do believe i become such a horrid person and at first i don't know why.but which much thought, i guess it's my body's mechanism in pushing them away from me. to make them feel i'm not worth keeping in touch with or talking to. sometimes, it's good for them. it's good for them to stay away from me and with the way i act it gives them a darn good reason to. i don't like it being that way though, but it has to be what it has to be. you want them to be happy and everyone knows that their happy cannot be anywhere near you. and that's when i have to let go. let go of the heavy thoughts, the trying so hard to save the world, to make everyone else happy. it's not my job (even though i want it to be :( ) it still takes time for the fact to sink in. the fact that i don't HAVE to make everyone happy. It's good to WANT them to be happy but it's not my job to MAKE them so. it's a little bit painful (because i don't want to admit it's a lot) and there are people who are worn out from trying to drill it into my brain. (fear not! your incessant drilling has finally breached the walls of my cranium) so there it is! :) being happy with what is.... not what ifs or what has'. And also to do away with the people who drag your what has' into the what is :)

i lacked the balance before, always only able to do one thing and one thing only, but really, making (and KEEPING) my self happy is just as important as everyone else's happiness. and i have to remember to do that.   Also, sometimes i have to forget what everyone thinks, and remember what HE thinks of me and let that reflect the way i think of myself. That is important. Serve God, not men. why do we look to men for approval when there's only one person's opinion that matters the most? :)

if i'm ever down, i know i'll be back up and swinging soon enough :)

Monday, October 03, 2011

Book stuff #9595

SO i finally finished the 'Hunger Games' trilogy and kind of ran out of things to read, so i ransacked my sister's shelves and decided on a few books and this being one of it :

Not much spoilers, but it's one of those book I feel i have a personal connection to. I haven't quite finished it yet (soon!) but it makes a whole lot of sense to me. I'm one of those people who lose things that never seem to resurface, and it would be nice to know that there was a place it finally decided to settle in. It's odd,yet makes so much sense. It's a good read, especially for those who have lost hope after losing something :) 

Just finished it. Not all of us are lucky enough to come back from where we are lost :( 

Saturday, October 01, 2011

superficial a lil #3838

i realise, out of the many things i have in my wardrobe, i do not have these :

i know, i know it's just shorts, but these babies look amazing with almost anything!

For example, semi- formal :
A plain blazer, a top (bustier in this case) ans some fancy heels. tadahh!! of course, keeping the colours rich and deep does help make the ensemble  classier.

then a slouchy tank and some funky footwear with simple chains, should just about pull off the casual, i'm-up-for-anything vibe.

bold, block bangles, teamed with a structured, patterned top and floral flats gives off a preppy chic aura.

Casual much? just throw on your favourite t shirt and sandals and you're done!

go girly girly in a frilly pink top, a kitschy purse and summery espadrilles.

and last but not least

the combo of a feminine top and a leather jacket and booties. A combination of two individual looks.

All yu need is only one pair actually, depending which looks you prefer to lean towards.
I'd personally want a dark denim pair because i  feel it's the most versatile, but everyone's going to think differently.
Till i get my own pair....i'll just dream on...