Saturday, November 12, 2011

you cut up your clothes,now you have to wear them

Lazily now, i did wear all my revamped clothes out. Mostly to for the ones in shorts without leggings...since...that's all i do nowadays... in no particular order but i think it started on saturday. 

by the way...all were super comfy!

book update #2556

Just finished this. I like the pace and the speed of everything falling into place.

Onto the next series!

Looks and sounds prettily snooty :D

after reading the comments to really is a whole different culture. when i had my bruises, i had "close friends" and supposed "leaders" telling me " Aiyoh!Don't be so clumsy la"

makes a little sad at the katak bawah tempurung-ness of people.

obligatory 11.11.11 post

my day probably started the night before...more like evening.when the water died.
so morning involved waking yailee up so i could use her bathroom. after a class (more like discussion of Skins) was takoyaki for lunch. home, rest then attempt to restart my car with the help of the lovely Hock. Eventually restarted, but woe is me...brake lights connection was crap. through the phone,dad guided me to snip the wires of the brake lights. macguyver moment #1. if you spotted a crazy girl in the trunk of her car cutting up wires...yeah... That also meant i couldn't drive to Subang for practice. so rush upstairs to get ready and i lock my keys in the room....again... but thanks to past experience had a second Macguyver moment and ta -daa!

thankfully,waters back.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

so wow.maybe i imagined everything because im supposedly dramatic like that and that you know everything.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


my costume.finally settled for this. They suggested so many others, and i was quite keen on Little Miss Muffet or Librarian (since im so darn lazy and all those things were accessible to me,from my handy dandy closet)

But while searching (more like excavating for useful items) i found a plastic bag with tulle in it. I bought it ages ago to make a tutu. And so it began, almost 2 am in the morning, searched for tutu tutorials and began snipping.just enough matterial i think.if i had more colours it would hv been nice, but the dark blue helped me not stand out so much. It's not neat,but the tutorial i picked said it didnt matter and it didn't! 

Simple outfit,not much prep. So i went over to Jr's to attempt to help with the make up :)

 but here you can obviously see who the real artist is :)
Try being in a room full of guys doing their make up and you're the only girl, but you're not doing any. hmmm

was glad when the girls finally reached.
Anywayness, since i wasn't putting any make up, i decided to help out the girls.

(pic creds to DomDom)
Slytherin hotness. with my minimal eye make up skills. Nerd boy is just background prop.

(pic creds to DomDom)
I did silver's (skull mask girl) eyes. Attempted to Taylor Momsen-ify it. Boleh tahan la.
Beautiful Camille. All her own handiwork.

le DomDom and i. yes, he be zombie boy. 
it was awesome fun doing his t-shirt.after my tshirt cutting rampage recently, i find slashing T's and stretching them a real stress reliever. 

Camwhore shot of  le DomDom, Camille and i. DomDom was a tad deadish that night.

It was fun. We lost at charades though.oh wells. Chihuahua Ugly is a must see movie btw.
And there were a couple of fun performances by a talented skull face. got called up to sing something. I had fun although i made a huge fail key change booboo.

(pic creds to DomDom)

It was fun singing with SkullFace I. It didn't flood that night so i'm happy :)

After much singing, it was clean up/camwhoring/cam abusing time. took this one. i laiks very much

camera credits to DomDom.I took it ;P
Ninjaboy is being ninja.

But as all trick -or - treaters go, i got hungry. So we went to Macca's to scare some nuggets.

This is our take on the Addam's family. we hv a zombie butler.

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures.Is great laiks.

Long story short,we marathoned Darkness Falls and Grave Encounters. to say, no sleep till 7am.