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Penang Nyummers

So the other day, Penang Village invited us for a food tasting session at their  Great Eastern Mall outlet. 

They had upgraded in recent years, going from the rustic kampung feel, to a more clean cut colonial setting. A very apt evolution, I must say. 

Only managed to catch this while we were leaving as the place was crazy packed when we arrived.
Don't you think the white leather upholstery looks posh and elegant? I was practically swooning over how it looks like a picture off Tumblr. Would definitely reblog :P
Love how they had frames on one wall and windows all around, letting in the natural light, giving it a very summer vacation home feel.

The place settings. Can't go wrong with black and white can you? It's a subtle contrast from the contemporary vintage look of the restaurant. Like the modernist plates? :)

Check out the Kufi font used as a logo. As a font-y person, that caught my eye the moment I walked in. Saw it on the uniforms and for a moment thought we were in the wrong place. But it's a pretty smart move and I'm all for fusion of cultures and languages :) It's very intriguing 

This was already on the table when we got in.... contrary to popular belief, I'm still quite Chinese when it comes to my stomach la..Interesting to see what they had in the Dim Sum Range

Peek-a-boo! Halal siew mai with prawn.The Crab Roe Prawn I was a little apprehensive eating this, it being halal and all, but man, I was surprised! This was pretty good! Of course it's not the same but was really yummy all the same!

Fish balls, average but not too bad. Anti-veggie people might not like the veggie bits inside though.....

I think it was interesting and quite yummy. The Avocado Cake. A bit messy to eat, but that's what makes it fun! You could taste a hint of kaya. The crispiness was a plus!

The Entrees:
My nyonya roots were pretty delighted to see this on the table as well. I like how they modified the pai-tee, taking off the sides ( way easier to eat it like that)

Adorbz cashews. Not nuts about nuts but it complimented the filling very well. A little taste of home.

The Nyonya Pandan Chicken was one of my faves! A bit oily, but... I think fans will close one eye to that.

The other foodies all busy documenting the food.

Have I mentioned how much i love chandeliers? This is a lovely, simple surprise :) Really added class

The view :) just enough greens :)

This was Jinyin's first drink. Coconut lovers will love this! It's creamy and really refreshing, plus it's in a yummy coconut and you can scrape out the flesh when you're done with the drink.

Sorry, can't rotate it, my pc wouldn't let me. This is Fresh Cucumber and Calamansi Juice a cucumber and lime combo, which was very sweet or sour. Not too bad i guess.

This was pretty unique, Teh Tarik ais.  Loved that it was served in a mini jug, isn't it cute. How to not love miniatures, or just...downsized stuff? I kind of like this as they didn't use normal condensed milk i think? It felt ..or more like...tasted slightly...thinner, not super creamy. The way evaporated milk tastes. Really old school kopitiam style.

This is the Aloha. Whipped cream > Pineapple juice > Ribena
In that order. I couldn't take the whipped cream, so Jinyin helped

Jinyin helping

More Jinying helping, hehe...
It was a very fresh taste, tangy sour and sweet! What little whipped cream helped make it more mellow so it wasn't so fruity. Interesting drink. I'd try it again!

Main dishes:
Ying - Yang two style Garoupa
( Deepfried with Kerabu sauce & steamed with Assam Sauce)

Look at that head! It's interesting as it's two styles of cooking from one fish, of which i personally preferred the steamed part. Rare to see non-chinese style restaurants, so it was really a pleasant surprise. Way to go to make Chinese style cooking halal.

Claypot Seafood Village Curry ( Promotion Signature dish)

I liked the creamy texture of the curry. It wasn't very spicy, but it worked pretty well. This one was a promotional item, as to maintain the freshness of the seafood. I really like the squid here, a bit soft, but still yummy nonetheless.

Two Style Kailan
This one....absolute favourite! I love crispy crispy stuff and i love veggie, so this was a hands down win. The texture, as crispy as it was, was flavourful and salted just about right. And the one cooked normally was really good too. It felt more like a snack though. Which is very good right? A healthy,vege snack! :) I just ate this one right off the plate.

For the local favourites:

Nasi Lemak set with Tamarind Prawn, Sambal Ikan Bilis & Chicken Curry Kapitan
This was their take on the nasi lemak. Pretty filling. The acar was a nice nyonya touch. Wasn't a fan of the sambal though, was too salty for me but i caught Jin snacking on it towards the end... sneaky sneaky :p


Their best seller, Penang Char Koay Teow. Penang-ites might want to try this out for themselves to determine its "Penang-ness" but to me it was pretty good! Not too oily, just right flavouring...

Penang Assam Laksa
I'm normally a fan of assam laksa, but wasn't too keen on this one. A bit two sweet for me. Could've been the otak udang sauce. But it was still pretty fragrant.

Nasi Tomato set with Chicken lorbak, Acar awak &Chicken Curry Kapitan
Sorry for the upside downer-Stupid pc wont let me do anything to the pics except upload. This was pretty good, and the chicken lorbak is another one of their unique sides. Quite rare to actually find the chicken lorbak as well.

Penang Char Mee Suah
This one felt oddly healthy and unique as mee suah isn't usually something you fry. The taste took a bit of getting used to, and the texture of the noodles fried is surely something to try.

Penang Seafood Sar Hor Fun
The Final dish... to be served. It's as good as it gets. Best eaten hot and steamy ;)

Now for dessert!

Penang Rainbow Iced Kacang
Penang Durian Chendol (the one with the selasih seeds)
We managed to save it before it melted! The durian chendol was as good as it gets, with durians being off season, it was quite the eat! I'm amazed at the portions too! Definitely not to be eaten alone.  A good way ;)

Ruby Melon Ice
This seemed more like healthier alternative to the above -mentioned chendols. Was fun eating the balled out watermelon. Imagine hearing " Hey, I want one ball please!" around the table ;P

Penang Fruit Rojak
I liked this one! A LOT! The sauce was just right and the fruits were really fresh and sweet! Couldn't stop till  the end and they took it away from me D:

So after all the eating, we took a break to rest our stomachs :p We were waiting for the owners to come in earlier, it was pretty exciting. In the meantime, have a picture of a camera. Uber fancy stuff!

Diana F...classy much?

Tonny and Connie owners of Penang Village.
It was eyeopening for me, learning how the business works, how one has to be fresh and innovative to stay on top. How to pick and choose your business battles. When to hold on and when to let go. Priorities.

It was inspiring to hear how they pushed the limits to create new flavours/dishes and  to recreate a new setting to keep up with the times,to always stay on top. From humble beginnings to a posh outlet with so much class.

Honestly at first, I would never have seen myself walk into a place like this, being from small town and the like, but after actually tasting the food, I would definitely go back! and with a place like that, it would make an awesome venue for events! Since they do buffets and catering as well.

pic credit to Penang Village
Caught in the act D: So busy eating, never realised this picture was taken D:

pic credit to Penang Village
Funny how it's all girls ;P But here we are acting poised and sucking in our stomachs after all the pigging out...i mean... tasting :P

Do drop by to experience it for yourself, especially if you're on the hunt for local cuisine in a cosy yet posh atmosphere:

 Great Eastern Mall
 Lot 8 & 9, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall, No.303, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

for reservation  
+603 42571698

Ajak me along also too ya?

While I'm at it, I'' just throw in an outfit review :P
Lace skirt- online
Blue top- D&D
Darth Vader head band- Zikkos
Pixel Mushroom - bouncing bananas :)

Outfit pic credit to Samantha Sito

Last shot of the place before i sign off

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