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Charmaine of Rarablack invited me to the exclusive launch of Corset Me and Lovely Legs mid April, and after my recent (but not really) post about my corset which i love love love.... Duh... of course I was going la.

So with great excites, I dressed up to go!

Back track, I was in Putrajaya for work, so what the heck, I'll just pop by cyberjaya for dinner with my McBonBon and play by ear after. According to the invite, Von was only allowed to come in after 10, but the event was from 9-10, where would she go in that hour? No matter, for her safety, I figured I'd ask Charmaine if Von could join because she would LOVE it....

So prepped up in Cyberjaya and headed over the lost usual. KL noob D: but then...we were there!!!! and the following pictures are all thanks to Candy Girl Night : Launching of Corset Me ❤ & Lovely Legs at rara. unless stated otherwise Why? Because my lousy lousy camera on my has the flash. So canggih  but not flash. So useless at night D:

Charmaine was such an angel let Von join in the launch. Von is happy she gets to join, I am happy I have a teman :D I went there in my gold corset and a tutu skirt, Von wore her black corset top with jeans and a pink kebaya top ( My idea,hek hek) Most people weren't wearing corsets though, just the organizers...but just wait! Then, when we sat down we were given this :

Pretty much speaks for itself :D 

Another from my phone. the atmosphere the pretty lights of Werner's

Then the lovely LOVELY and so kind-hearted Charmaine spoke a bit about the brand, and an introduction to the event. 
Loving her emerald green corset ! With the lace, it's so classy! And this was the exclusive party for the launch :
I'm that flash of gold right at the back, or...most right. Von Von is the pink one beside me :D

Anyway, I was quite excited to hear more about corsets and Corset Me... And Jaycee was the woman on the job!
Here she is giving the educational history check on corsets and it's influence in fashion. I definitely learnt more about it's backstory and more importantly, how to maintain it :p, definitely needed to hear that. And it was just Corset Me, there was Lovely Legs too! Never have i seen so many attractive, eye -catching funky leggings in one place! So tempting!

They had everything from stars to stripes, prints to patterns! basically everything and anything that wasn't plain and boring. Like i said....SO TEMPTED!

And then, I love this part... the corset demonstrations. She showed us the different types of corsets, with their different elements, pros and cons. And and and and... HOW TO WEAR THEM! So exciting!
This was the large front clip ones. She gave the blow by blow of putting it on, especially if you're on your own, as you remember my struggle of going it alone.

Very pretty models D:

Lace 'em up!

It was a shorty session but very informative. After that we went to check out the corsets on sale, and i had to grab a shot with Jaycee
Loving the purple ensemble !

btw, we got fooodddd!
from my cammie. Not to sound jakun-la but these were pretty good!

Girls, shopping and corsets.Inseperable. (from my phone) There! Von Von doing the evil deed...which she blames me for :( *draw circles in a corner*

Photo Session....easy to get carried away :p
Made a new friend... ARYSTLE! :) The hottie in red ;)

Some of us were already in corsets, so the ones that weren't decided to join in the fun and pull on one too, and boom :
Corset US :p ( iknowiknowverylame,don'tshootme)

This Mah Von,gettin her corset on! Love the red!

So as you saw
this one is from my phone. by candle light... sexy much?

We kinda had free flow drinks all night, but if yu went to the counter you had to redeem it with the coupons. So, i used one... but i didnt get to use the rest cuz i was tired :( but we did do the photoshoots!

There was a small set up in the corner where you could pose with the props prepared and use the adorable stickers too! i don't know why i didn't use the stickers D;
my cam. Girls taking turns to have their shots taken :D

So what turned out on camera?
looks awkward :(


My fav shot. i know the ear muffs seem out of place but it's adorable, so there!



Ahem. after that we hung out a little longer at 21... but gettin old adi. Cinderella's carriage turning into pumpkin... had to leave at pooped. 

All in all, I had loads of fun... We got goodie bags after liking all the pages, but for the life of me. i don't know where the pics are! *mope*


But till then... TOODLES!

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